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«For the safety together»

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 11 апреля, 2017

From 3 April to 28 April, is the Republican campaign for the prevention of fires and deaths from them in the housing Fund «For the security together».

According to the Plan of the Republican fire-and-prophylactic actions for the prevention of fires and deaths from them in a residential facility «For safety – together!» held on the territory of Uzda district from 3 to 28 April 2017 in ME «Uzda Central district hospital» established an interdepartmental working group on carrying out of the action.

Goals of the campaign are:

reducing the number of fires caused by citizens of rules of fire safety in residential buildings, settlements and the district;

raising awareness of the population about opportunities of public organizations in providing services in the field of fire safety;

strengthening the rule of law;

the prevention of offences committed by citizens in an alcohol intoxication.

On facilities of me «Uzda Central district hospital» is posted on the Bulletin boards information about the tasks of the action, the time and algorithm of its implementation. In accordance with the schedule RAID events interagency working groups planned from 7 to 22 April, representatives of our organization.

Prepared By:                                                                                                                         O. V. Radecki

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