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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 20 марта, 2017

A little more than three years ago the Chairman of the Minsk oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro emphasized the managerial staff, primarily in the social sphere, the necessity for more active pace to engage in construction and repair works in an economic way. In the last century the most gospodaria experts from various industries have proven that in this way it is possible to achieve significant budget savings, build faster, cheaper, while maintaining high quality. Yes, it requires additional to the usual office chores, and the responsibility was great, but life is forcing you to save in many ways, and if possible, why not use it?
On Undermine particularly active in this matter showed at the Central district hospital, to be exact – the leadership of the district health system. The chief physician of TSRB Alexander Drachuk with your colleagues by connecting specialists from the Department of capital construction before you hit the ground, thoroughly studied all the “pros” and “cons”. By calculations it turned out that if to work with the mind, to control every allocated penny to find good builders, repairmen, in a year or two to achieve much more significant results than it could have been if I had made the allocation for these purposes of budgetary funds.
Demonstration during the construction of the economic way was for doctors 2015. Last year the district’s work thus was carried out on 14 sites. Significant funds have been spent on the landscaping of the hospital, has changed beyond recognition the main building, more than comfort and convenience-received the staff of the nutrition unit (and consequently the patients that use its services). Renovated hostel No. 3. Completed repairs Pasadskaya obstetric points, 90-95% readiness brought repair FAPs in Presence and Kassarah. During the year we disbursed nedzanani 6.578 million rubles. Of this amount, 3.055 million was spent on payment of salaries of employees, even 3.156 million for the purchase of building materials.
Work was carried out in an economic way in the past year. Continued landscaping of the hospital, performed repairs of offices and classrooms of the main building, konferenzsaal, Department of medical rehabilitation, x-ray room, kitchen, water and Sewerage networks of clinics. Don’t forget about the creation of comfortable conditions for work of physicians and visitors in rural areas – performed minor repairs on FAPs in Presence, Cascasa, Kukhtichi, Churilova, Loving, Kamenka, GP surgery and hospital nursing care in Zeljava.
And in 2017, physicians came not only with the regular plans, but the specific practices. This year it is planned to master an economic way and under civil contracts 1.258 thousand rubles, or 12 billion nedzanani. You’re lucky – maybe more to come. Here, don’t expect heat or a better time – from the first days of the new year in some parts of the hospital, mostly in the afternoon or weekend repairs are carried out. Let’s creates some inconvenience for people in white coats and patients, but through the months, as those and others will feel the pleasant change.
— This year’s most significant funds aimed at repair of the building of infectious Department, private rooms in the clinic, replacement and repair of water and sewage networks in the main body of the CRB, says the engineer on repair of district hospital Victor Borisenko. – And on the building of the former kindergarten in the Semenovich by the autumn there will be a dormitory for small families physicians. Here can accommodate four families young professionals or other health workers that come to work in the district. Will get a second life Senecac FAP. Completed repairs in the kitchen, something else needs to be done on the landscaping of the hospital, feldsher-midwife stations in Presence, Kassarah and Stallbron.
All work is carried out with observance of safety rules of labor protection. Updated walls, floors, ceilings, wiring, plumbing, heating. In the infectious disease Department will be established fire-prevention system of water supply. Who is doing all this?
— During the most hectic periods in our facilities are stretched to forty, and even 50 and 60 – you can tell the staff separate PMK, introduces in V. Borisenko. Among them up to ten and more employees to our team. Zeal defined for the comprehensive management of buildings and structures Paul King, Anna Lapitskaya, Olga Martynovskaya, electrician Vitaly Melnikov, plumbers Balabancik Nikita and Alex Swing, others.

To execute the main construction works hiring of specialists on contract. Basically it is one and the people who work for us not the first time and in good quality of work which we do not doubt.
Project documentation is prepared by the specialists of our architectural and planning Bureau. Technical supervision of all processes of construction requested the representative of Department of capital construction Vladimir Kuzelka. Procurement specialist district hospital Irina Shidlovskaya puts on an electronic platform of requests for materials, package received documents considered by the special Commission and gives the go-ahead for purchase at a reasonable price and good quality. The legal counsel of the hospital Snezhana Pinchuk provides competent legal support of any agreement of purchase. Of course, maintenance engineer at Victor Borisenko controls all production processes.

As a result, all izdavaemye objects are accepted by the Commission in a timely manner, with good quality of work and in accordance with the law. Visitors to the district, once in our health institutions, celebrated not only the professionalism of doctors and nurses, not only high equipment of hospitals, dispensaries, feldsher-midwife stations with modern equipment, but also for their beautiful appearance, proper working conditions for doctors and the treatment, recovery of the population.