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Do not allow fires in the forest

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 28 марта, 2017

Do not allow fires in the forest!

Every year, a large number of forest fires in the country occurs due to careless handling of people with fire or non-compliance with fire safety rules. In 2016, 319 forest fires were recorded in the territory of the Republic of Belarus (covering 251 hectares), 58 of which occurred in the Minsk region.

98% of fires in natural ecosystems occur due to human fault. Most often, forest fires occur:

— through the fault of people leaving unexplained fires or cigarette butts in places of rest or work;

— as a result of the play of children with fire;

— When burning garbage by owners of summer cottages and garden plots at the edge of the forest;

— from agricultural fires.

In rare cases, natural causes are guilty:

— lightning strike;
— spontaneous combustion of peat bogs.
Dear citizens! Be extremely careful with fire within any natural territory. To ensure that your carelessness does not cause a forest fire, strictly observe the fire safety rules in the forests.

* When breeding fires, use places away from shrubs and mown grass, coniferous young and low-hanging crowns of trees.
* Do not breed bonfires in forest plantations near fields with mature crops.
* Do not use gasoline and other combustible mixtures to kindle campfires (it is better to take special fluids).
* Do not ignite reeds, do not burn dry grass under trees, on forest glades, in gardens, in fields.
* Do not throw burning matches, cigarette butts, smoldering rags and rags.
* Do not leave the fire unattended.
* Leaving the forest, put out the fire: pour water, sprinkle with earth.

A bonfire should be no less than:

— 15 meters from the combustible structures — buildings, trees, etc .;
— 25 meters from the forest;
— 30 meters — from straw and hay.
Illegal burning of dry vegetation, grasses on the root, as well as stubbings and crop residues on the fields or failure to take measures to eliminate the fires (Article 15.57 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) entail the imposition of a fine in the amount of 10 to 40 basic units.
Breeding fires in prohibited places (Article 15.58 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus) entails the imposition of a fine of up to 12 basic units.
Destruction or damage to the forest as a result of careless handling of fire (Article 276 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus), which caused damage in an especially large amount, is punished with a fine, or corrective labor for up to two years, or with restriction of freedom for up to two years, or imprisonment For the same period with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities or without deprivation. (A particularly large amount of damage in articles 276 and 277 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus recognizes the amount of damage for an amount two hundred and fifty times or more exceeding the size of the base amount set for the day of the crime).