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The whole world celebrates the day of labor!

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 28 апреля, 2017

On 28 April the whole world celebrates the Day of labor protection is an important event for all workers and those who monitor safety in the workplace. On this day we need to remember the rules that must be followed every day, in order to protect themselves and colleagues in the workplace.

What started the tradition?

Professional holiday services for the protection of labor originated in the North American region. In 1989 in the United States at the meeting of trade unions with employees remembered those who have been exposed in the workplace and suffered injuries. To attract the attention of all workers to the importance of observing caution in the process was established by the international labour organization. It is part of the UN, which aims to regulate labour relations in all member countries (185 countries).

At the moment conducting a safety day aims to improve working conditions in complex and hazardous industrial facilities. The event helps to understand the importance of secure work not only the workers but also business owners.

The purpose and prospects

At each production there is a service or Department dealing with problems of labor protection, so the world health and safety day is celebrated on a par with their professional holiday.

Gathering in the conference room or in an informal setting, employees spend:

  • a conversation about the importance of labor protection (FROM);
  • fascinating competitions on knowledge of the rules;
  • screening of films about how a simple caution saves lives;
  • a demonstration of picture-cartoons ridiculing the offenders.
  • How to host an event on labor protection?

Spending a day of labor in the institution should prepare a program speech at the celebration meeting. In anticipation of the April 28, you can spend FROM a week to restore order for the fixed object. On report results choose a winner who will be awarded at the meeting.

Despite the lack of a large number of moving mechanisms and elevated temperatures, the day of labor protection in the organization also performed at a high level. Electrical safety is also important, especially where there is a lot of office equipment, the drop-down constructions and elevators.

The world day of labor protection in 2017

28 APR 2017 everywhere will be scheduled for the day of labor protection activities. This day honours the day of labor protection all employees of departments of safety production, as well as those who contains in a clean and tidy workplace equipment. From maintaining high levels of employment protection may depend on a person’s life.

We work every day go.
Through work with dignity we live.
To injuries different injuries to avoid
Us security must always be observed!

With the world Day of labour protection congratulations,
Always healthy you wish to be.
Let them work and loved labor
You joy, inspiration bear!

Prepared by : environmental engineer labor category 2

Dmitry Leonidovich, Bortalevich.