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Large-scale complex exercises will be held on Undermine

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 22 ноября, 2017

In the period from 22 to 24 November in the Uzda district will be carried out comprehensive drills on protection of population and territories from emergency situations and civil defense. Such exercises are held every seven years, they will be attended by the employees of Uzda district Department of emergency situations, representatives of the service interaction, population. For three days we will have to demonstrate a willingness to perform tasks in the field of protection of population and territories from emergency situations. Legends and conditions of the exercise will be as close as possible to reality. During the exercise, emergency services will work out actions for liquidation of consequences of natural and technogenic emergencies, other emergency situations that may occur in the district. The main purpose of the exercise is to practice coordinated actions of the emergency services that will allow in the shortest possible time to eliminate the emergency and minimize its consequences. NOTE: if you hear a siren, immediately turn on the TV, the radio (and other media) and listen to an emergency message. Means of communication should be kept active during the entire period of elimination of accident, catastrophe or natural disaster. Proceed according to instructions. If, at the time of filing a warning signal you are outdoors, you should find the nearest television or radio. Part in the exercises will be representatives of the Minsk regional Department of the Ministry of emergency of Belarus, the Commission on emergency situations at the Uzda district Executive Committee, civil defence service (medical, engineering, public order protection, transmission and dissemination of information, transportation, Commerce and power, utility, technical, supply, etc.), the organization of the district, territorial and facility-level civil formations of civil defence, population of the district. Dear residents and guests of Undermine! During the exercises will be checked, the loudspeaker and the sirens, carried out the transmission of information by alert citizens. We ask You to remain calm, not to panic and not to spread false information about accidents and other emergencies. Ksenia ANDROSIK, inspector of propaganda and training Uzda ROCS.