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International day of families

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | 15 мая, 2017

International day of families (International Day of Families), celebrated annually on 15 may, proclaimed by General Assembly resolution UN A/RES/47/237, 1993. The establishment of this day aims to draw public attention to numerous problems of family. According to the UN Secretary-General, when violated the fundamental rights of one family — the unity of the whole human family of which they were members, is under threat. Being one of the major institutions of society, the first stage of human socialization, the family evolves and mutates with the outside world, its own way of responding to the demands of time, responding to social needs and shaping them myself. The family as a basic element of society, was and remains the guardian of human values, culture and historical continuity of generations, a factor of stability and development. My family is growing and evolving state, increasing the welfare of the people. At all times the development of the country was judged by the position of the family in society and to her state. The family begins a person’s life, there occurs the formation of his as a citizen. Family is the source of love, respect, solidarity and affection, then, is based on what any civilized society, without which it cannot exist. Family well-being — that measure of development and progress of the country.

In many countries designed the whole strategy of demographic development. And in this festival hosts a variety of educational, public and festive events — concerts, meetings of couples having a great experience of family life; charity event for foster families with children and for children from low-income families; trainings for young families; thematic workshops and conferences, radio and television programmes, newspaper articles and programmes on the themes of family, and other activities. By the way, every year for the International day of families choose a different theme. So, over the years, the motto of the Day was: «Promoting social integration and intergenerational solidarity», «ensuring a balance between work and family responsibilities for the benefit of families and society as a whole», «the solution to the problems of poor families and problems of social exclusion», «the Impact of migration on families around the world, Families and persons with disabilities», «the Impact of HIV and AIDS on family well-being, Families and aging — opportunities and challenges», «building families based on partnership», «Men are the main? Gender equality and the rights of children in modern families,» «Family, healthy lifestyle and sustainable future,» «Family, education, and welfare» and others.