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World Health Day will be held on the 7th of April!

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In 2017, this day is held under the motto: «Depression. Let’s talk!»


It is normal to feel sad from time to time, but if depressed mood accompanies you day after day, this may indicate depression. A depressive episode is a state of sadness or apathy along with other symptoms that continue for at least two weeks in a row is so painful that interfere with your daily life. Depression is not a sign of weakness or a bad person. This is a serious social problem and a painful condition treatable.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The patient suffers from low mood, loss of interest and pleasure, reduced vigor, which can lead to fatigue and reduced activity. Other signs and symptoms include decreased ability to concentration and attention, reduced self-esteem and sense of self-confidence, ideas of guilt and humiliation, a dark and pessimistic vision of the future, ideas or actions that harm or suicide, disturbed sleep, reduced appetite.

Depressed mood and loss of sense of pleasure are the key symptoms. Depressed patients often describe their feelings as excruciating emotional pain, sadness, depression, feeling of hopelessness. However, depressive patients are not aware of their depression and do not complain about mood disorders, they turn in on themselves and cease to communicate with family, friends, lose interest in things and activities that were previously important to them.

Depression is often masked by physical symptoms such as heart pain, stomach, muscles, etc., there is a decrease in appetite and body weight, decreased interest in sexual function and to its implementation, in these cases, depression may mistakenly be regarded as the manifestation of one or another physical illness and the person begins to contact different doctors and undergoing various medical examinations.

Treatment of depression should be carried out only by specialists.

If You experience symptoms of depression, do not delay Your visit to the doctor!

It is not necessary to self-medicate.

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