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The study of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy — the therapeutic use of fresh water. Underlying this is the human response to heat (leading role), mechanical and chemical factors.

The soul is one of the types of hydrotherapy; therapeutic effect on the body is made by water jets of different shape, direction, temperature, pressure.
Hot and short cold showers increase muscle tone and blood vessels, stimulate metabolic processes in the internal organs, activate the brain. Warm and cool showers reduce the skin’s tone and pressure, have a calming effect on the body, reduce pain internal organs. Therapeutic effects: tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, vasodilator, immunostimulant.

In our study of hydrotherapy You can take a shower the following types:

1) Power shower — a shower water jet «impact» type with a reduced impact zone. It is usually applied from a distance of 3 to 5 m. Water is supplied through the pipe connected to the unit in which the cold water mixes with hot. Is only for people with well developed muscles. Experts recommend sending a stream of water on certain areas of the body, for example on the foot to decrease headaches. On the abdominal cavity to combat constipation, etc. This shower is used in the treatment of cellulite and figure correction, helps to remove tension from the muscles of the spine.

Power shower improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system; it is indicated for arthritis, rheumatism and muscular weakness; tension and metabolic disorders; after stress, nervous disorders and pain of various nature.

The definition that describes this procedure is simple: a shower of «shock type». The zone of influence of the soul is limited, and the temperature contrast water jets is sensitive enough – from 20 to 40°C, or even from 10-12 to 45°C.

Thanks to such contrast and achieved the desired therapeutic effect, as the blood flows to all organs and tissues: the blood vessels is improved from the body toxins, increases vitality of cells, and all of this is beneficial to the health.

During the procedure, the patient is exposed to water jets from a distance of approximately 3-3,5 m. a First processing fan jet from all sides; then, at a pressure of about four atmospheres, affect directed stream on legs, arms, back, hips, problem areas – buttocks, thighs, stomach. Skin this procedure is usually red due to pressure and temperature differences.

First, the procedure does not last long – only about a minute, then the duration was adjusted to 5 minutes. The full course can be about 15-20 treatments, but experts recommend starting with 10.

The impact of motor vehicles can be compared to reflexology: during his admission in the body begin to operate the mechanisms of regeneration and rejuvenation, and all the elements of the soul very well thought out.

A body is subjected to hot, and then cold water, vessels dilate and constrict alternately; the pressure has a massaging effect on different parts of the body; in addition, the water raises the mood and «wash away» stress.

Since all systems including blood and lymph, begin to work harder, improves metabolism, the skin cells get more nourishment, and purged from the many accumulated dirt. Not accidentally, the power shower has become so popular in the treatment of cellulite and some forms of obesity and their prevention. Under the influence of this procedure resolve some benign tumors and lesions of inflammation.

The people who are constantly working at the computer, the power shower is a must: it relieves stress from the muscles of the back and spine; stimulates blood circulation, which is often disturbed from long-term sedentary work; relieves headaches caused by overwork and lack of oxygen.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are also indication for the use of motor vehicles, however it is better to use it for the prevention of such diseases, and not to wait when they arise.

Obesity power shower it is advisable to use in combination with a low calorie diet, and in the fight against cellulite – with exercise and cosmetics.

Sometimes it is prescribed for gout and diseases of the internal organs.

It’s been over 100 years since Jean Charcot came up with this amazingly effective procedure, and in our time it was again referred to as almost a panacea in the treatment of diseases caused by nervous and mental disorders: autonomic disorders, osteochondrosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and the pain is neurological in nature. Allergies, vascular disease and problems in the digestive tract shower douche also comes to the rescue.

Prophylactic use of motor vehicles today is widespread – for example, professional athletes and helps to relax the muscles after a workout.

Women visiting various fitness clubs, you can regularly take a shower after this workouts 2-3 times per week – this will not only improve the health and figure, but also will enhance performance, and achieve success in their professional activities.

Procedure sharko shower today offer not only specialized clinics or mineral hydrotherapy, and beauty salons, various SPA and Wellness centers. Perhaps under normal condition of health, prevention of diseases, this procedure will benefit even in the salon, but never forget that its purpose from the beginning was treatment, and assigned her a doctor. Today hydrotherapy has achieved great success, and the doctors hydrotherapists have special knowledge that allows them to be individual to each patient, precisely considering the duration of treatments and their intensity, so it is best to go to them.

Shower douche for cosmetic purposes is also possible, moreover, that this solved many problems with health, however, doctor’s advice in any case is mandatory – otherwise we risk the complications of existing diseases and cause the development of new.

Power shower is usually assigned in combination with other procedures: baths with herbs, sea salt, essential oils; massage jets and normal massage, masks, body wraps, etc.

Limitations and contraindications for Charcot

Restrictions on the procedure, too, have a varicose veins and certain skin diseases, but in these cases you just have to watch to directed jets of water falling on the affected areas.

More contraindications: do not take shower when expressed cardiovascular disease (angina, infarction), aggravation of hypertension, elevated temperature, acute inflammation, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer disease, kidney diseases, Oncology, benign growing tumors, the propensity to bleeding, psychosis, mucous membranes, ulcers and weeping eczema. Contraindication is pregnancy.

After 10 procedures, sharko shower, you can take a break for 6 months, and then again to register for a course: thus, it is possible to achieve supple and smooth skin, get rid of cellulite and reduce the volume.

Women who used the procedure for weight loss and beauty, usually speak well of the results.

Someone reduced the stomach becomes thinner waist, and someone manages to get rid of 20 kilos of weight – of course in combination with a low calorie diet. Almost all patients say that the skin after a shower is tightened, and cellulite disappears almost completely, and in General the procedure gives the feeling of amazing lightness – although there are downsides, which is to say.

Minus Charcot

The biggest drawback Charcot called the soreness and bruising is the case with many women, but most after the first sessions it goes. One more thing: the pain threshold is determined by the monthly cycle of women, and on different days of the month feeling can be very different.

Especially bruises often appear in women with light skin, but dark-skinned ladies too can have them all individually, so just before the holidays such procedures should not be done: tanning with bruises is not only ugly, but also harmful.

2) Shower circular — ascending — ascending shower, in other words — crotch — hold on a specially equipped toilet seat. The device is simple: a chair made of stainless steel with a plastic seat, like on the toilet, downstairs there is a supply of water, through a hose, the hose end sprayer. Through this nozzle and supplied under pressure water at different temperatures.

  • hemorrhoids;
  • rectal prolapse — when you exit out of the layers of the rectum;
  • for sexual weakness;
  • when the prostate;
  • incontinence;
  • for female pathologies.

3) Underwater shower-massage is one methods of hydrotherapy, that combines several therapeutic factors: fresh, herbal, salt or with added essential oils bath, massage effect of the water jet, emitted under pressure and the contrast water temperature in the bath and in the shower.

The action of underwater massage shower is in principle similar to that of classic therapeutic massage. However, it is more pronounced due to the fact that the body of the patient is in the water in the most relaxed state, and then massage more deep and painless.

The intensity of the massage depends on the diameter of the tip, the distance from the surface of the skin, the angle of the jet and pressure under which it is produced. All these parameters during a session can repeatedly be changed by the specialist as needed.

The water jet impact pressure on the surface of the skin, comprehensively affects the body:

  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • activates the processes of metabolism;
  • increases the overall immunity, tones;
  • hot water increases the tone of blood vessels and skeletal muscles, increases the blood pressure values;
  • cool water reduces blood pressure, stimulates the processes of local immunity in the skin;
    the combination of hot and cold shower stimulates the functions of endocrine system and helps to improve the trophic (feeding);
  • cool and warm showers to reduce the pain intensity and the excitability of the nervous system in General.

Thus, the effects of underwater shower-massage are:

  • trophic;
  • tonic;
  • soothing;
  • vasoactive;
  • immunostimulant;
  • antispasmodic (an anesthetic).

4) bubble baths are a certain kind of massage, in which the human body is exposed to a combination of water and air, thus resulting in water air bubbles indeed look like shimmering pearls. At the bottom of the baths is the lattice through which are passed the air injected under high pressure by a special compressor. At the outlet of a special metal and narrow tubes with small holes, the air will create a large number of bubbles, which in combination with the streams of water provide a massage effect to the human body in the water. Typically, the temperature of the water in a pearl bath is 35-36°C. the Greatest effect of the procedure, the patient receives while in the supine position, reached the most complete relaxation of the muscles. The duration of the healing procedure takes ten to fifteen minutes.

The utility of these baths is obvious because they stimulate the process of circulation, and normalize the blood pressure. In addition, these procedures effectively eliminate back pain and any signs of rheumatism, also good at relieving tension in the muscles. In addition to enhance blood circulation, bubble baths contribute to the stabilization of the flow of lymph, accelerate the resorption of residual effects of inflammation. Acting on the body, air bubbles saturate the skin with oxygen and help relax the body and improve, consequently, mood.

It should be noted that only in conditions of spas and special hospitals to conduct full-fledged bubble bath. Of course, if you buy everything you need, this procedure it is possible to exercise at home.

This procedure is not a method of hardening the body, and the temperature is not suitable (35-36 degrees Celsius). The duration of the procedure usually does not take more than fifteen minutes. The total treatment course can range from two to four weeks, it all depends on medical advice. Also depending on individual body metrics such procedures are prescribed either daily or every other day.

It is worth saying that for the session bubble bath in the water you can add sea salt or a favorite aromatic oil. After the procedure the skin should apply a moisturizer lotion or lotion that will prevent drying of the skin.

After carrying out this procedure for two hours, the patient should abandon any physical activity, while observing the condition of the patient and monitor progress needs specialist, because this procedure has some serious contraindications.

Indications for the procedure.
Before the procedure be sure to consult with a specialist. Bubble baths are recommended for patients exposed to frequent stressful situations, who suffer from disorders of the nervous system, from diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system as a whole. In addition, this procedure can effectively relieve the condition in hypertensive patients the first stage for people leading a sedentary lifestyle (especially related to professional activity), helps to normalize the disturbed metabolism. Also bubble baths help to cope with this problem, as insomnia.

Like any other procedure, therapeutic action, whirlpool baths have a number of contraindications. These include patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases in an acute form, having high blood pressure (hypertension lilo second and third stage), thrombosis, and inflammatory processes. In addition, these procedures are contraindicated in people with gnojnice or fungal skin diseases. It should be noted that in such diseases as diabetes, varicose veins and during pregnancy before performing this procedure, you must consult with your doctor. In the latter case, attention is drawn to the condition of the pregnant woman.

It should be noted that only the course of treatments has a significant effect. Visible result after the first procedure is not observed. To improve the efficiency of bubble baths will help the combination of this procedure with hydro-massage, mud or seaweed wraps, acupuncture, etc.