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8 (01718) 65-6-02

8 (01718) 65-8-68


Surgical Department

Surgical Department is a structural subdivision of me «Uzda CRB» is designed for 50 beds., provides emergency and scheduled hospital surgical care in the area. The Department includes operational-dressing unit, for the treatment of post surgical patients (28 beds) and trauma profile (4 beds),fasting for the treatment of patients with purulent surgical diseases (15 beds). From 2017 there are 3 health and social beds. The surgical Department is working around the clock. Admission is via the emergency Department of the Central regional hospital. Organized four-hour duty at the CRH surgeon.

Head of the surgical department: Serafimov Eugene Valerievich.

Phone: 8 (01718) 51-9-75.

The senior nurse of the department: Rabkaevich Lina Alexandrovna.

Phone: 8 (01718) 52-6-29.

The senior nurse of the surgical dressing unit: Kitikova Natalia Ivanovna.

Phone: 8 (01718) 53-4-97.