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About the work on labor protection

the health Agency «Uzda Central district hospital»

for 2016

  • Control system of labor protection, developed on the basis of state standard of Belarus STB 18001-2009 «system of labor protection management. Requirements», and operates in Uzda CRH. The structural units of the CRB annually, according to the schedule, internal audits are conducted, weekly viewing of an electronic database of NGO «Consultant Plus» with the aim of identifying new or cancelled the PPA and other documents, as well as the changes in current, up to date register of regulatory legal acts, technical normative legal acts and other documents in the field of labor protection.
  • Developed regulations on service of labor protection institution, based on the Model provisions on labour protection service of the organization, approved by the Decree of the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Republic of Belarus dated 30.09.2013 No. 98.
  • The instruction about conducting the control over observance of legislation about labour protection in the institution.
  • Issued an order on appointment of responsible persons in 2016 for the protection of labour and fire safety in structural units of the CRB and in the whole institution.
    Developed and approved a list of areas of increased danger.

Appointed person for security on high-risk areas. As required in the orders modified.

  • The recruitment is made after a medical examination, an introductory briefing on labor protection and fire safety, conducted during the year 91 of induction training. Once a year, each employee underwent a medical examination. Professions which fall under threat (employed in jobs with high risk) working conditions:

— issued the order for probation;

— conducted training;

— at the end of training validate knowledge to be entered in the Protocol of verification of knowledge on labour protection;

— issued an order for the admission to independent work.

  • In all subdivisions in accordance with the requirements of all employees are primary, repeated, unscheduled and targeted briefings, as reflected in the registers of the instruction on labor protection.
  • A lot of work on fire safety:

— Issued orders of appointment of persons responsible for observance of rules of fire safety in structural units, objects of increased danger and in the whole CRH. As necessary, orders changes;

By order of the chief physician established the training system fire safety requirements approved program of fire-technical minimum (PTM) for different categories of employees assigned to the person responsible for training. Developed and approved a list of officials and employees of Uzda CRB, mandatory training on PTM. The results of training and testing in the PTM listed in the register of training program fire-technical minimum with the corresponding results of the coupon about passing of training. Teaching on the PTM, there were 4 boiler operator;

— All structural divisions, in accordance with the requirements of all employees are primary, repeated, unscheduled and targeted briefings, as reflected in the logs of briefings on fire safety;

Annually engineer fire safety checks fire extinguishers, the results will be recorded in the register of fire extinguishers, 2 times a year with the involvement of Uzda ROCS checks the condition of internal fire water supply with the registration of the relevant acts. The identified drawbacks are eliminated as the allocation of funds;

— Installed in the clinic, 2 information and educational booth on fire safety, as well as information stands equipped with all first aid stations and infirmaries. To promote compliance with fire safety regulations on the monitor, which is located on the 1st floor of the clinic, periodically reproduces the video distributed booklets and leaflets;

— In accordance with the amendments to the rules of fire safety in all structural units of the institution updated evacuation plans. Developed and distributed instructions for fire safety;

— By order of the chief physician from 25.11.2014 No. 379-A approved list of members of the volunteer fire brigade. Classes and practical exercises, with the involvement of Uzda ROCS are conducted in accordance with the approved schedule;

— On the basis of the order from 28.11.2014 No. 386-A approved group of freelance fire inspectors (23 people). Weekly freelance inspectors carried out inspections of observance of requirements and rules of fire safety in structural units Uzda CRB;

Set off a fire alarm in the hostel №3. Awarded an annual maintenance contract, installed at the facilities Uzda CRH, fire alarm systems. Monthly maintenance work was carried out with fixation in the register of works on maintenance and current repair of equipment.

  • Engineers on labor protection together with the mechanic of the garage is to secure safety in transport companies:

— On a quarterly basis with the drivers of the ambulance is the study of the causes, conditions and consequences of road accidents, committed with the participation of cars of emergency medical care in the Republic. Conducting educational work among drivers employees of the institution and maintenance of labour and transport management;

— Modernized transport companies. The repair was done as required;

The car companies were provided with washing facilities, protective clothing, footwear, and other PPE under the regulations. Regularly allocated funds for the improvement of working conditions of drivers and interventions for the prevention of occupational injuries;

— To conduct preventive measures in the office-class placed billboards on traffic rules and safe operation of vehicles. There are also normative legal acts informational and methodological materials;

— The person responsible for road safety, in conjunction with the engineer on labor protection were organized training for 10-hour program of improvement of professional skill of drivers. Upon completion of training by the Commission companies. The composition, which is representative of the traffic police, carried out the certification of drivers;

— Timely conducted introductory, seasonal and special instructions on road traffic safety registration in the appropriate register;

— Pre-trip briefing was conducted with all drivers special vehicle «medical assistance» from the log.

In the framework of the Day of labor protection engineer for the protection of labor, a lecture on «Stress in the workplace»;

— Daily pre-trip medical examination of drivers of the institution on the subject of being in a state of alcoholic intoxication or the state caused by the consumption of drugs, the nurse conducts a medical examination with the use of the analyzer of concentration of steams of standard breath AKPE-01.01. By order of the chief physician No. 174-A from 12.05.2014 «On holding a pre-trip and after returning from a trip medical examinations of drivers Uzda CRB» designated health workers responsible for conducting medical examinations of drivers of CRH, and the person responsible for the attendance of drivers. Annually all drivers undergo periodical medical examination. Keep records and control the availability of medical certificates of drivers;

— Always an engineer on labor protection together with mechanic garage, public inspectors exercised control over the state of labor protection in accordance with the typical instruction about conducting the control over observance of legislation about labour protection in the institution. Identified deficiencies and violations recorded in appropriate journals and eliminated as they occur.

  • Great contribution for the implementation of labour protection make public the inspector of the Commission, the Chairman of the trade Union:

— In 2016. in Uzda CRH chief doctor, an engineer on labor protection and authorized representatives of the Union carried out some work aimed at strengthening public security and discipline, the performance of the employees of the requirements of the legislation on labor protection and measures to create a healthy and safe working conditions for employees of the institution;

— The requirements of the Directive of the Republic of Belarus of 11 March 2004 № 1 «On measures to strengthen public security and discipline» brought to the attention of all employees through contracts of employment and contracts. It was also developed and included in the collective agreement Uzda CRB 2016-2020 Provision about the duties of workers on labor protection, fire safety and compliance with the Directive of the President of the Republic from 11.03.2004 № 1;

— .In the regulations on bonus payments to the collective agreement of the enterprises for 2016 – 2020 included items about material stimulation of workers on observance of requirements of labor protection, labor and production discipline.

— The institution employs permanent the Commission to combat drunkenness and alcoholism. In contracts and employment agreements amended and obliging the managers to terminate employees contracts for violation of safety rules, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication or in a state caused by the consumption of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances, as well as for drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances in the workplace and during working hours, as well as throughout the facility, failing to ensure the needs of labor discipline subordinates. In addition, the internal regulations of the amended immediate termination of contracts with employees for damage to property, concealment of violations of labor and performance discipline or attraction of guilty persons to liability for violation of the rules, regulations and instructions on labor protection;

During the reporting period, the state of labor protection and industrial injuries was discussed at production meetings and meetings of the Union. The institution has carried out labour safety Days, a meeting of the public Commission for the protection of labour, testing the knowledge of managers, specialists and workers;

— Carried out public control over observance of requirements of the legislation on labor protection.

In establishing the control over labour protection is carried out in accordance with the Instruction on carrying out control over observance of legislation on labor protection in the organization. Together with public inspectors on labor protection in the structural units being corresponding log periodic monitoring. Accidents during the reporting period. The chief doctor, engineers for the protection of labor and authorized representatives of the Union conducted a survey of enterprises on labour issues.

— With the aim of increasing interest in the work of public inspectors on labor protection is encouraged on a monthly basis at the end of the work.

  • Every year the competition for the best structural subdivision «Uzda CRB» for the protection of labour, thereby increasing the responsibility of managers and specialists for the safety of labor protection. The results of the competition for the best structural division be awarded the prize.
  • Conducted training lectures on labor protection with heads of structural divisions «Uzda CRH», Fapami, out-patient clinics in the auditorium on relevant topics and demonstration of films, clips on health.
    In the Commission of the main Department of health of Minsk regional Executive Committee a knowledge check on the labor protection passed 6 people.
  • Created the Commission for verification of knowledge on labour protection of managers and specialists. In accordance with the requirements of the Rules of safe methods and techniques of training and knowledge test on labor protection, conducted 10 sessions.
  • Developed and approved a list of managers and professionals who must pass knowledge tests on labor protection in the Commission companies. Every year the heads of the medical centres and dispensaries is tested by a knowledge engineer for labor protection under the specialized program «Test» OOO «Innovation center of Hope Bondarenko» installed on the personal computer in the office of labor protection.
  • Developed and approved the list of Professions of the workers occupied on works with increased danger, as well as supervised public bodies specialized supervision and control that must be tested knowledge on occupational safety issues.
  • The requirements of security in high-risk areas:

— Conducted periodic knowledge testing of operating rules and standards in terms of electrical safety of personnel associated with work on the electrical equipment;

— There are tested insulating gloves, dielectric boots, rubber mats, clamp meter, megger;

— Drafted and approved the schedule of personnel training on issues of electrical safety;

— Conducted radiation monitoring at the workplaces in the x-ray Department;

— Conducted examinations of vessels operating under pressure;

— Conducted a comprehensive survey of the technical state of lifts and construction lifts with representatives of the Gospromnadzor and supports the organization.

  • The Commission hospitals tested their knowledge on issues of occupational safety 21 people, the verification of knowledge of personnel on group on electrical safety 72;
    Instructions on labor protection revised and brought into line with the requirements of the Instruction about the procedure for the development and adoption of local normative legal acts containing demands of labor protection for the professions and (or) kinds of works (services). Developed and approved a list of instructions on labor protection of enterprises.
  • All work is performed according to the current regulations on labor protection. Out of service for maintenance and repair of equipment, tools and fixtures. In all structural units in the workplace provides guidance for the safe operation of devices and equipment.
  • The plan of measures on labour protection.
  • Employees working in hazardous conditions, shall be paid a Supplement and extra holidays, according to the attestation of workplaces on working conditions. According to the approved list of positions and professions of workers Uzda CRB issued milk and juices.
  • Throughout the year the staff of the hospital according to the norms provided with protective clothing, means of individual protection, special footwear, washing and neutralizing means.
  • Workplace for the protection of labor provided 2 computers, Internet, necessary legal and reference books, and a room for lectures and seminars on labour protection.
  • The number of specialists on labor protection is:

— The engineer on labour protection – 2 units (2,25 bet). Remuneration of the expert is made in accordance with the staffing.

Established the Commission for conducting inspections on labor protection. In exercising control over observance of legislation about labour protection regulations apply.
Calibration of medical equipment takes place according to the approved and agreed schedule of verifications of the Slutsky Csmis and Belmedtehnika, BelGIM.
Periodically, whenever possible, carried out the replacement of old equipment with new.
During the reporting period, accidents were not.

Prepared by: the engineer on labour protection;

Dmitrij Leonidovich Bartalevich.