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I’m a donor

In accordance with the initiative of the World Health Organization to switch to a system of regular, voluntary, gratuitous blood donation by 2020, in order to attract broad sections of the population of the region to gratuitous donation, the Minsk Regional Executive Committee and the Minsk regional blood transfusion station In 2017 the action «Donated donor — the pride of the Minsk region».


The word «donor» comes from the Latin donare — to give. That is, the donor is the person who gives. In most cases, he gives life. Donation is a voluntary act of helping a healthy person (donor) to a patient, consisting in providing part of their blood for medical purposes.


Gratuitous donation is a noble and honorable mission of every person. Being a donated donor is a kind of solidarity: civil, Christian, human. It is prestigious, worthy and means that you are a healthy adult who has an active civic position, who wants to make the world a little better.

Donated donors can be:

  • Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus.
  • At the age from 18 to 60 years.
  • Possessing full legal capacity.
  • Not suffering from diseases and not in conditions for which blood surrender is contraindicated.
  • Registered at least 6 months at the place of residence (stay).

To perform the donor function at no charge

You can apply from 08:00 to 13:00 daily except on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

In blood service establishments of the Minsk region

     1. To the blood transfusion station at:

City of Molodechno, st. Chkalov, 2-B, UZ «Minsk Regional Blood Transfusion Station». Phone: 8-017-6-50-04-07;

City of Borisov, st. March 8th, 11, Blood transfusion station. Phone 8-017-7-94-37-01;

Slutsk, st. Chaikovsky, 21, Blood transfusion station. Phone 8-017-95-71-7-48.

     2. To the blood transfusion unit at:

Minsk region, a / g forest, «Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital». Phone: 8-017-265-25-58.

G. Zhodino, Venissieu Avenue, 1, UZ «Zhodino Central City Hospital». Phone: 8-017-753-49-05.

G.p. Gorodey Str. Gagarin, 13, UZ «Nesvizh Central District Hospital». Phone: 8-017-70-581-57.

G. Soligorsk, Korzh, 1, UZ «Soligorsk central hospital». Telephones: 8-017-42-64-4-21.

G. Stolbtsy, st. Leninsky, d. 164, UZ «Stolbtsovskaya central regional hospital». Phone: 8-017-17-50-2-43.

Establishment of the blood service accepts donated donors without first recording out of turn if:

  1. Passport, or other identity document, a military ticket.
  2. Extracts from medical documents issued by an outpatient and polyclinic health organization at the place of residence in which all the transferred diseases are indicated, the results of fluorography (once a year, for women — examination of a gynecologist (1 time in 6 months).

Before donating blood it is necessary:

1) To refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the blood supply;

2) One day before the rabbit:

  • To exclude from the menu foods that contain a large amount of fats — fatty meats and fish, fat, sausages, including jam, smoked products, butter, eggs, sour cream, cream, ice cream, nuts, seeds.
  • Eat bread, drying, low-fat boiled meat, fish, boiled cereals, vegetables and fruits, drink sweet tea, juices, mineral water.
  • Have a good night’s sleep.

3) In the morning before blood donation:

  • It is easy to have breakfast (porridge boiled on water or boiled potatoes, boiled chicken breast without skin, tea with white bread, etc.).
  • To refrain from smoking.

4) Immediately before giving blood in the buffet to drink sweet tea.

After delivery of blood it is necessary:

  1. Relax and calmly sit for 30 minutes (with a feeling of dizziness or weakness — contact the staff);
  2. Do not remove or wet the bandage for 3-4 hours;
  3. Refrain from driving transport (if possible, exercise extreme caution);
  4. Avoid physical activity during the day;
  5. Abundantly and regularly eat;
  6. Use an increased amount of liquid;
  7. Abstain from alcohol during the day.

The schedule of donor days in Uzdinskaya CRH for 2017.

№  Date, day of the week Amount
Donors Brigades
1. January 24, Tuesday. 120 1
2. January 25, Wednesday. 120 1
3. January 26, Thursday. 120 1
4. April 26, Wednesday. 150 1
5. April 27, Thursday. 150 1
6. July 25, Tuesday. 120 
7. July 26, Wednesday. 120 
8. July 27, Thursday. 120
9. October 24, Tuesday. 120 1
10. October 25, Wednesday. 120 1
11. October 26, Thursday 120 1