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Gynecology department

The gynaecology Department is a structural subdivision of me «Uzda CRB». Designed for 15 beds (of which five beds for day-hospital).

The Department uses modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients with gynecological diseases: inflammatory diseases of the vulva, of the uterus, of the uterus; cervical dysplasia; disorders of the ovaries; the screening and treatment of women with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc. is Also provided inpatient care to pregnant women with threatened miscarriage, not developing pregnancy, extragenital pathology in pregnant women: anemia, pregnancy, early toxicosis, gestosis, hypertension, diseases of the genitourinary system, chronic intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus.

Gynecology Department works round the clock. Admission is via the emergency Department of the Central regional hospital.

Head of the gynecological Department: Grinchaus Anastasija Maksimovna.

Phone: 8 (01718) 53-3-13.

Charge nurse: Kuchuk Olga Victorovna. 

Phone: 8 (01718) 65-5-78.